About Us

Scale model flying is a quick growing dimension of RC model enthusiasts. What this means is that a whole new generation of youth is once again interested in building and flying scale proportion models of their favorite full-sized versions through the means of piston-powered aircraft, tow gliders or unmanned drones. The members of this association are very passionate about these Scale Model Airplanes and Gliders and usually like to talk about things related to their hobby, however here are some common examples of what you might expect to hear from young ISSA members.

With the weather being beautiful as predicted by the weatherman, we had a chance to see the first group at the airfield, whipping out their RC planes and other gear and prepped themselves. Alex brought out his Extreme Flight 91 Laser EXP, while Mike was setting up his 104′ Laser, where they could both have a test run of each other’s planes. Alex enjoys flying the 104′ Laser that he mentioned he would buy one for himself. Someone else in the crew also brought out a 120′ Bushmaster.

Mark even brought his DA-120cc Powered Slick 580. Now, these ‘birds’ as they call them at times, are all highly popular RC planes that pretty popular with our young speed-demon ground pilots. All in all, it was a fun day and the entire group had a blast. The group said their thanks to Music City Flyers for allowing them to use their flying facility and said their goodbyes somewhere around 11:30 pm. One other member of the ISSA spoke about a group of enthusiasts who got together on an early Sunday morning just to fly around their RC planes on a whim and thankfully good weather.

The ISSA website is all about getting together Scale modelers and enthusiasts all across the world. The ISSA also has a website where members can take part by either being part of their paid membership benefits, or just be a free member. The posts by the paid members stand out more than others. Along with these blog posts, the ISSA also publishes news about upcoming flying events all over the world and also provides reports on these events. This website also allows users to submit their ideas and articles on their personal designs and model construction. This was to give the readers a rough idea about the kinds of events and reading material one can expect at the ISSA website. Also, to keep this great hobby alive, we politely ask our hobby friends to bring along their kids so that they fall in love with this as much as we did.

In conclusion, those of us who are real enthusiasts who like meeting other similar minded individuals to enjoy the ISSA more than they would imagine. Since the internet has been picked up and shared by the world, these paperback magazines which used to go out to the members as hard copies from the old days, are now available through their online link