Small Radio Controlled Planes: What Beginners Should Know

The innovation of RC planes had a long history before it became known to the majority. Back in the day, the idea of having a model plane to fly on its own was merely a dream. But for now, modern advancements and technology brought about this dream to realization. Now, we can see RC planes take off the ground and fill the atmosphere like birds. RC planes today are widely known by everyone, and enthusiasts and hobbyists are among the owners of such aircraft. If you’re looking to be part of the many who are into flying RC planes as a hobby, you’ll have to be knowledgeable about all things related to it, as well as how you can find the best RC plane that suits your needs. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about RC planes – particularly Small Radio Controlled Planes.

What are Radio-Controlled planes?

Radio-controlled planes or RC planes are small models of planes. These miniature flying machines, which an operator controls using a remote control. The control gets through the flying machine through a radio transmitter that communicates with the receiver. The controller manages the movements of the plane. Depending on the controller’s particular function, setting, control, or command, the plane will move and react to the specific order. 

The demand and popularity of RC planes surged during the early 2000s as they introduced modern technologies. Furthermore, advancements in the engine, motor, and other parts of the aircraft made it easier to manufacture and reproduce miniature plane models. An RC plane engine or motor can either run through electricity using batteries or run using fuel such as gasoline and nitro fuel. Today, RC planes that run on batteries are preferred because they are easy to maintain, lighter, and do not create much sound. On the other hand, the fuel-powered engine RC plane is more robust, heavy, as well as noisier – what’s good with this, however, is that fuel-powered RC planes have a closer resemblance to real airplanes. 

Radio-controlled planes or RC Planes are likewise not only used for leisure or hobby. Governments and military authorities also use it as a piece of surveillance equipment for testing new designs of aircraft, testing flight theories, aerodynamic modeling for planes, and many others. The good thing about using RC planes as test subjects is that it is inexpensive, poses no threat or danger to the pilot, and even to people around an area, it is easy to tweak or adjust and remodel, and it is portable. 

Ordinary radio-controlled planes control the rudder and the elevator, then powered by a CO2 motor engine. However, through the years, with the constant advancements in technology, particularly in electronics, micro-RC planes began to flourish. These micro-RC planes brought mini aircraft to a whole different level using smaller and lighter bodies with more features and functions that surpasses their predecessors. 

Are Micro RC planes suitable for beginners?

The Micro RC plane is an excellent choice of RC plane because it is easy to fly and cost-effective compared to older models and types of RC models. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice of RC plane for any beginning RC plane enthusiast or hobbyist.

Micro RC planes have intricate designs and parts or components that greatly imitate their real-life models. Among the unique features of a Micro RC plane is the high-wing design that allows it to move with stability as it glides through the air – ideal for beginners. Furthermore, Micro RC planes are a lot easier to control and manage due to their compact body than the regular RC plane with a more extensive and heavier body. 

It is also an excellent option for beginners because it is usually sold ready-to-go or already assembled. One thing that beginners and first-timers typically struggle with is the assembly of the RC plane. The good thing about Micro RC planes is that they are small and easily fit the box for delivery and transport. It allows you to use the plane right away, even after taking it out of the box. Not all enthusiasts or hobbyists know how to piece together an RC plane – the good thing with Micro RC planes is that you don’t have to.

Consequently, since the Micro RC plane is much smaller than the older versions of RC planes, they are typically light. As a beginner, there will be instances of crashing or even failed landings. A contributing factor to the damage incurred by crashing and failed landings is the weight of the plane – the heavier the weight, the more damage it causes to the plane. So, in case you’ll end up with a few crashes and failed landings with your Micro RC plane, you’ll have confidence that there is minimum damage because it is light.

When it comes to price, the Micro RC plane is also an excellent option for beginners. As a beginner, you’d want to test the waters first, and you would like to learn all the techniques and skills in flying an RC plane. Having smaller parts and components out of the Micro RC plane makes it inexpensive and not too heavy on the budget. It is a good option for beginners to be familiar with what kind of RC plane they should have and what features and functions they want out of their ideal RC plane. 

Also, Micro RC planes with their much smaller bodies than their predecessors can fly in a small area. You don’t have to go to a vast open field or area to fly your plane. A tiny vacant lot or space such as a park or parking area will suffice when flying a Micro RC plane. Furthermore, the plane is very much portable and doesn’t take too much space for easy storage.

Despite the many advantages of the Micro RC plane, however, there are also some disadvantages. One disadvantage is that it is too small to see in the air. It can be a problem if you’re flying the plane at a great distance and if you’re trying to film the aircraft as it passes. Also, with its more petite body, it has lesser visibility – especially in dark skies.

Another downside to the Micro RC plane is that it can be prone to erratic movement in the air brought about by turbulence or strong winds since it is too light. On the other hand, Heavier RC planes have more stability in the air because the extra weight balances the force of the current and inertia. 

Things to look for in your ideal Micro RC plane

Now that you have a good idea of what a Micro RC plane is let’s discuss how you can find the best Micro RC plane that suits your needs – and your budget. Here are a few things to consider:

Plane model

The plane model is a significant considering factor when it comes to the price, features, and functions of the aircraft. If you’re trying to purchase a complex and highly advanced plane, expect a ridiculous price that will come with it. Likewise, the complexity of the controls and features of the aircraft becomes more intricated and complicated, which makes it not ideal for the beginner. However, if you’re an advanced or experienced hobbyist or RC plane enthusiast, you can consider complex plane models, otherwise don’t, else you won’t be able to enjoy the plane fully.

Safety features

Another essential thing to consider when buying your ideal Micro RC plane is the safety features that come with it. Many modern RC planes have safety features and settings to avoid crashing and are even damage-resistant for such cases. These features allow the plane to incur minimal damage from catastrophic events such as crash landings and engine failures. The most dreaded problem with RC planes is when it plummets downward to its destruction due to failure in its mechanism while in mid-air. A good safety feature to counter this problem is the altitude hold which allows the plan to stay at the level of its current altitude even with engine or motor failure. Also, there are safety features regarding detaching a particular part or component of the plane to minimize damage.

User-friendly controls

Beginners will always find it challenging when flying an RC plane to learn how to use the controls. There are many controllers available for RC planes, and it is always important to be familiar with them before actually using them. In addition, there are controllers and navigation systems equipped with complex settings and features ideal for advanced or experienced hobbyists and enthusiasts. However, those controllers are also equipped with primary and straightforward settings, features, and even buttons to aid any beginner.

Battery life

If you’re looking to fly your plane for long hours, then you’ll need a good amount of power out of your battery. Among the most common battery, the life which Micro RC planes can spend would be around 20-30 minutes. Since the Micro RC plane is much smaller and lighter, all other parts and components are significantly reduced – including its battery. Unfortunately, Micro RC planes efficiently run out of power faster than bigger RC planes. If you’re looking for more power out of your Micro RC plane, you’ll have to settle with Micro RC models and versions with replaceable batteries. Else you’ll have to agree with bigger RC planes with higher power storage and battery. Fuel-powered RC planes last longer than electric or battery-powered RC planes; however, smaller RC planes, such as the Micro RC plane, do not yet have fuel-powered engines.

Range or distance of a flight

Another essential thing to bear in mind when in the market for your ideal Micro RC plane is the distance or range that it can cover from the controller. A typical distance that most Micro RC planes can cover the range from 300 ft to 700 ft. If you want more content out of your Micro RC plane, there are certainly many options in the market; however, the price would also increase accordingly. 

Maintenance and upkeep

You also want to make sure that you can fix any problem with your Micro RC plane. In this regard, the more complicated the plane is, the more complex the required maintenance and upkeep will be. Make sure that you are well equipped with the skills, knowledge, diagram, layout, and blueprints to fix any issues on the plane. Ideally, it would help if you always had an expert or experienced hobbyist to help you with the maintenance; however, there will be instances when you have to do the maintenance on your own. It would help make sure the maintenance and repair processes were understandable and doable, even for beginners.

Expert’s advice

Lastly, you will always need the expert to advise an experienced hobbyist or someone who knows a lot about RC planes. There is nothing more valuable when buying something than the advice of someone who has already purchased the item and knows everything about the item. So, tag a pro along with you if you want to have a better chance of getting the best Micro RC plane that suits your needs and budget. If you don’t know of an expert, you can merely inquire from reviews, feedback from previous customers, and recommendations from other customers who are looking for the same thing. If you have to, you can also pay for experts to help you out with your purchase. Although hiring an expert to help you with your purchase may be costly, it will indeed justify how much you’re spending later.

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